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iDAL FRANCE, specialized in local real estate sales since 2007, guarantees you the purchase, sale or rental of a new apartment, land or a new house which are sometimes complex real estate projects. For each stage of your project and whatever it is, iDAL FRANCE provides you with the simulation of your monthly payments and can calculate with you your added value and also estimate the selling price of your property. It is for this reason that iDAL FRANCE often suggests an exclusive mandate.

For what reasons ?

1- The visibility of your property is increased tenfold

Paradoxically, choosing a single agency means making your property more visible. Why ? A showcase, better positioning on their site, a larger range of communication tools… the means of promotion deployed will be more important. As part of exclusivity, we offer "a complete service that ensures you find more buyers and sell faster",

2- It's more convenient for you

Saving time and simplicity, this is the comfort offered by the exclusive mandate. It's not easy for seller owners to manage several agencies at the same time, you have to make several sets of keys and there are always problems finding slots. In addition, a single contact person guarantees total transparency between you and the seller. agency with whom you will communicate more easily. In addition, you are regularly informed by sms on the progress of visits and interested buyers.

3- Sell at the right price

Choosing exclusivity means avoiding a simple mandate which will prove to be more risky and will create confusion among your potential buyers.

Why ?

Well imagine that you find the same property in several real estate agencies but with a different selling price each time.

What will your reaction be?

Surely you will be suspicious, will think that the good is badly estimated and will try to negotiate. “As part of an exclusive mandate, we can guarantee you 100% that we will sell your property at the right price”

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